Sunday, October 18, 2009

hey guys! its corey for the first time. we are actually on the plane as i type on the way back to washington. we came back to atlanta to go to whit's dads wedding. he was nice enough to fly us back home for a couple days. so we've been at our farm for about 3 weeks now and are enjoying a lot. the family we're staying with is a young couple with 3 boys who are 2, 5, and 9. its been really awesome that the work we do is work we want to do. even though it can be hard or strenuous we are very happy to feel our body's work. but for the most part it is very chill. the usual day starts with us getting up around 8:30, going in to the remains of a kitchen and make breakfast and coffee or tea. the kids usually are gone by the time we make it in. we will start work around 9:30 and if its an order day (mon. and thurs.) we will pick what the markets have ordered. usually kale and green onions. the 5 year old gets home around noon and we break for lunch. we'll then continue if the order isn't done or work on cleaning shallots (which they pronounce shal-lots) or split some wood for the wood stove. or there have been times where thats all we do for the day and we'll walk to the skagit river or go to the co-op to have coffee and use the internet. we'll start make dinner around 6 and since we've been thinking about food the whole day (which has been common) we'll go pick what we want from the field. Danielle (mom) has already taught us so many new techniques and uses of the vegetables and is usually baking some awesome sweet stuff. we usually eat together unless we go into town and get back late. our bedtime has been around 9 o'clock and we love every minute of it. the neighbors cows usually moo us to sleep too. then wake up and do it again. then again thats life right? until next time, stay happy!

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  1. Hey Corey! Just wanted to say hi and to let you know that we're all still thinking about you two! Your clients keep asking if I've heard from you but I have nothing to tell them. I thought, dang, I need to check your blog. They miss you and they told me to tell you hello. I don't log on that often but hopefully that will change once I start my own blogging.
    I wish you guys well, happy holidays, and a happy new year! xoxo Tracie