Sunday, October 11, 2009


Hey guys! Sorry we have not had time to put more pictures up, but we do have an address in case anyone wants us to send us a care package!

21135 Francis Road
Mount Vernon, WA 98273

Thanks for all the comments! The farm has been really great so far. We have been learning a lot and cooking A LOT too. So much food all the time. We will write more about it soon and try to get some pictures of the farm up as well.

Love love love.


  1. Miss you guys! Im gonna send a package... Do you guys have a CD player with you? Or there? I dunno what I'm sending just yet but something good
    is coming your way! Love you guys!

  2. awesome thanks jhoni! we can put a cd into our computers! new music would be excellent right now! have you heard monsters of folk? i'm digging it. p.s. my ipod was on the back of the car and fell into the road and was run over :( lost music is THE WORST. i have a broken heart haha. love you!!!! hope all is well!!!