Tuesday, September 29, 2009

finally ... internet that works!

got to post these pictures earlier before the internet cut out on me.

hot springs in ouray, colorado. we thought it would be some kind of stone configuration but it was definitely just a pool with hot springs water in it. it was still pretty cool.

we went on a hike for a few hours while we were in ouray. we did not do the whole trail but we made it to a really awesome viewpoint and set up the trekking pole to take a picture.

the view was astounding. we stopped and ate some lunch.

we drove overnight to the grand canyon after we left colorado. i put a movie on the ipod and listened to it while i drove most of the night... which was actually pretty stimulating. the sun started to rise just as we reached the grand canyon state park. pretty cool.

these two pictures are from when we hiked into the canyon on the second day. we almost made it to the second checkpoint and decided it was a good idea to turn back. the hike back up to the top was quite grueling. no shade and the sun was intense. we both had some pretty sweet sunburn.


  1. Sweet pics! Did you hear that they found Ziyad's motorcycle?? Crazy. They messed it up, but he thinks he can fix it. Looks like you guys are having a great trip. Missing you!!

  2. whoa! i can't believe they found it. miss you guys too!