Thursday, September 10, 2009

on to kans-ass

after st. louis we made a six hour drive to the middle of kansas (an hour out of topeka). here are some crazy hair pictures from the road.

oh my ah! undercut!

the drive through kansas was actually VERY beautiful. tons of grassy valleys and hills that did not end. we were quite surprised (although the second half of our kansas drive was not as exciting to see).

we were looking for a place called mushroom rock state park and we found it... but the only thing we found were two rocks stacked on top of each other thirty miles off the highway in the middle of nowhere. no camping. so we tried to use the gps (with much difficulty) to get us to the nearest gas station and ended up driving back at least twenty miles to find it. the attendant was pretty much an asshole to corey, but we were saved by a local who told us to follow him and he would flash his lights when we needed to turn off.

we ended up camping on kanopolis lake in venango state park... also in the middle of nowhere kansas. we got to the campsite past dark and set up the tent with only the light from our headlamps. when we woke up in the morning, this is what we saw:

we had no idea that the lake was close to our campsite because of how dark it had been the night before. nice surprise.

we went on a two mile nature walk and then spent some time by the lake. it rained a lot while we were there and it was super windy (but that was awesome).

we also had the first injury of the trip. i fell off my bike (while doing absolutely nothing) when we rode down to the beach and scratched up my ankle. corey tended to my wounds after we rode back.

we stayed two nights at venango and then left for coloradoooooo!

- whit

p.s. corey will be posting soon as well! i feel like a blog hog. but i had all the pictures and corey made dinner. hah.


  1. omg the nature walk sounds awesome and i love the arms open wide picture!!

    i want to do this one day.

  2. dang. i miss you guys already. i virtually pass you guys a joint. kind of like the facebook poke except not stupid. friends fo life!