Friday, September 11, 2009

met the coolest people in the coolest town

we are leaving boulder today and heading to a place called the nederlands that is about 15 miles into the flatiron mountains. we went there yesterday and heard that they had free camping. it is a total hippie town nestled in the mountains by a beautiful lake. full of crystal shops, local community co-ops, legal marijuana distributors, and tons of travelers with musical instruments.

anyways, we wanted to make a quick post about the first really great people we met on this journey. we met them at the boulder mountain lodge on our first day. that same night we went and hung out at their awesome trailer camper and had the best conversation with them. they gave us great advice on pretty much everything (especially traveling). they are the kind of people you want to be like when you grow up.

deb and paul (did not get their cute dog rocky in the picture)

so happy we met you guys.

- whit and core

p.s. check out one of paul's awesome mountain biking websites! he kills it on the trails.


  1. Love and miss you whit!!! Everything at the store is going well! I'm so happy you guys are having fun and meeting great people. Have some fun for us back in the A.


  2. love you and miss you too! call me sometime soon so we can catch up!