Thursday, September 10, 2009

best place so far (and will be hard to top)

pictures from colorado! the coolest place either of us has ever had the opportunity to see. beyond beautiful. hope the rest of the trip is this killer. will write more about it in the next few days.


our first taste of the mountains. we were both grinning ear to ear during this part.

on the way to boulder

boulder mountain lodge. three miles from town but still on a mountain. we are not lodging; we are still camping (but they let us use the hot tub).

the first night/early morning we heard noises like someone was packing up to leave and we went back to sleep. later in the day the people next to us said that a bear came through and rummaged the dumpster for food. our campsite is the closest one to the dumpster (about twenty feet away). we are listening out tonight because he is rumored to be a repeat offender.

farmers market in boulder

the hill was cool. it is like the colorado state university hang out place. good burritos at illegal petes. thanks keith.

the pearl street mall in boulder. lots and lots of shops.

we will post more about colorado soon. and im sure corey will be adding a post about funny/cool things i forgot.

- whit

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  1. this place does look like the best!
    i want to go!
    you two have fun and see everything you cannnnnn!!!! love you!